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The Chronicles of Arianthem

The Chronicles of Arianthem is a sprawling, extensive series of action and adventure in a world inhabited by unabashedly sexual women. Described as "wickedly funny" and a "guilty pleasure," the series has a diverse group of fans.

The 2nd Chronicles Begins

Cover of Dragon's Night

The long wait is over--The first book in the 2nd Chronicles (9th book in the series) is now available!

A Quick Summary

There are now nine books in the Chronicles of Arianthem. For a quick look, check out the Library, for sample chapters available in kindle format, pdf, or html (pure browser), check out Extracts. If you want to know a little about Samantha, look under Author, or if you're curious about the future of the series, check out NewsFAQ. Cheers!

Where it begins...

Cover of Dragon's Lover

The foundation of the series. The story begin here as Raine, the sole survivor of two mythic races at last meets her perfect mate, Weynild, a stunningly beautiful older woman who just happens to be a dragon. Their bliss is complete but does not last long when the Hyr'rok'kin, denizens of the underworld, begin spewing forth from the Empty Land.

A New Look

Cover of Sjofn Academy

The fan favorite "Sjöfn Academy" has a new cover painted by the fabulous Julie Bell. Julie is an internationally acclaimed fantasy and wildlife artist whose work also appears on the recently released "The Dragon's Night."